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I'm Robert Hameetman,a Full Stack Software Engineer from Chicago with a dash of UX experience and a strong Design-educated twist. If you'd like to collaborate on an open source project, feel encouraged to get in touch!

Front End Development

  • Web2Carz.com - Critically involved in all aspects of Front End Development. Skillset includes HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JS, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, PHP, MySQL, and Gulp.
  • Keypad Module Experiment - A quick experimental keypad module using HTML5, Sass, and jQuery that works with both keystrokes and clicks.


  • Sum of Digits - A program which, given an integer or set of integers, returns the sum of its constituent digits.
  • To Lowercase - A program which, given a set of strings in a plaintext file, converts all the characters lowercase.
  • Bit Positions - A program which, given a number N and two integers P1 and P2 , determines if the bits in position P1 and P2 are the same or not. Positions P1 and P2 are decimal numbers.
  • Smallest Multiple - A program which, given two numbers X and N, where N is a power of 2, finds the smallest multiple of N greater than or equal to X and prints it to stdout.
  • Word Reverse - A program whcih reverses the words in strings seperated by spaces. The strings are provided in a file.
  • Prime Sums - This node version allows the user to specify a maximum number of primes to added together.
  • Prime Palindrome - Given a number as input, returns all numbers which are both prime and a palindrome less than the input.
  • FizzBuzz - A typical FizzBuzz challenge completed in Node.


  • Powerball CLI - A program that tells you if you've won the Powerball and, if so, how much you've won.

Design & UX